Personal hygiene is an integral aspect of preparing and serving healthy meals to customers. Keep your kitchens and supply closets well stocked with items that make upholding high personal hygiene standards quick and easy. Help ensure a safe, healthy environment for staff and customers with our personal hygiene products. Ensure that you, your customers and your employees always have access to tools that promote a safe, clean work environment, no matter what unexpected circumstances may arise. Our selection of hand care products, supplies, and educational materials will help you ensure that your employees uphold high standards of personal hygiene daily.

Complete range of:

  • Hand care soaps and waterless sanitizers
  • Sturdy touch-free and manual dispensing systems do not drip or leak
  • Lotionized and liquid foaming products packaged in safe ‘n’ sealed pouches
  • Instant hand sanitizers meet FDA guidelines
  • Color coded, OSHA compliant product identification labels

Hand washing is a simple act, but one that is extremely important for preventing the spread of infection and illness. Auto-Chlor is your go-to website for all your hygiene care needs, including hand soap and bulk hand soap dispensers to keep your environment and all who enter healthy and germ-free.

You’ll also find products designed to remove grease, oil, and other hard-to-clean substances that can be found in warehouses and mechanic shops. Whether you run a hospital, retirement community, or grocery store, you’ll love our affordable and high-quality soap dispensers as well. Liquid soap dispensers are essential to keeping your employees’ and customers’ hands clean. Our inventory of these products includes automatic, sanitizer, and push button dispenser systems, along with foaming and liquid soap to fill these units. Purchasing a liquid soap dispenser for your business is also essential to preparing for and passing health inspections and avoiding the spread of disease.

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Lotion Soap

No Rinse Hand Sanitizer

Air Freshners

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