• White ‘n Brite hard surface cleaner destainer ready to use contains bleach for fast spray-and-wipe stain removal.
  • White ‘n Brite bleach empowered formula uses oxygen enriched cleaning to enhance soil removal performance.
  • White ‘n Brite cuts greasy soils and grime on countertops and equipment leaving clean and streak free.
  • White ‘n Brite easily cleans difficult areas where hard water, mold and mildew grow.
  • White ‘n Brite’s powerful bleach action removes unwanted soil and food odors leaving behind fresh, clean surfaces.
  • Each case includes easy to use sprayers.

A ready-to-use hard surface cleaner with de-staining properties. Apply to linoleum, vinyl, tile, stainless steel, porcelain and other hard surfaces. Highly active institutional formula. DO NOT USE ON PAINTED WALLS, FABRIC, WOOD OR NATURAL STONE. Designed to remove coffee, berry, chili, tomato, tea and other food soil stains from serving counters, trays and other food service surfaces. Also removes mold and mildew from shower stalls, around urinals, toilets and other facility surfaces. Contains aggressive bleaching agents and can remove color from fabrics and painted surface. Test White n’ Brite on an inconspicuous surface before using.