Leave a lasting impression on your guests with clean, sparkling surfaces in the dining area, restrooms and kitchen.

Keeps Dishes and Surfaces Clean and Safe for Food Contact

Keep your establishment clean and fresh with our sanitizing chemicals designed for dishware and surface cleaning! Whether you need to mop soiled floors or disinfect glasses and dinnerware, we have the products you need to keep your business sanitary. We also carry chemical test strips that help you test your water for chlorine and pH balance or measure the chemical concentration of your cleaning solutions.

Choose from a commercial sanitizer in liquid, powder, or solid form depending on your preferences. We offer ready-to-use sanitizing chemicals that require no dilution or measuring. If you want to dilute your product yourself, opt for one of our bulk concentrated chemicals. These solutions can be used in your wash, rinse, sanitize dish washing system, and our surface sanitizers are great for cleaning any floors, walls, and equipment.





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