BrewKleen Acidic Brew



  • Effectively dissolves scale deposits, caused by the precipitation of water hardness minerals
  • Cleans in place (CIP) to eliminate brew kettle stones with powerful calcium oxalate dissolving chemistry
  • Minimizes future scale formation on equipment by eliminating crystal-forming residue on metallic surfaces, as well as providing
    maximum cleaning
  • Emulsifies and neutralizes all residuals from alkaline CIP cleaning for completely clean surfaces
  • Works to safely remove scale from a variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, ceramic, tile and concrete
  • Functions diluted as an excellent acidic all-purpose cleaning product for removing buildup of oxides, scale, or tarnish from brewery
  • Concentrated formula that provides maximal use-cost effectiveness
  • Conforms to the requirements of the NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program

Auto-Chlor System BrewKleen Acidic Brew is a concentrated, highly acidic detergent effective at removing scale deposits caused by the precipitation of water hardness minerals during the brewing process. During CIP BrewKleen Acidic Brew effectively dissolves beer stone deposits as well has hard water scale. This formulation minimizes future scale formation that occurs during the brewing process by eliminating brew kettle surface contamination. When safely used, BrewKleen Acidic Brew is an excellent general purpose cleanser for use on a variety of surfaces such as non-porous metal, glass, ceramic, tile and concrete. Dilute for acidic cleaning, descaling and detarnishing of brewery equipment.