• New Enviro-Soak is 100% biodegradable using an eco-friendly array of surfactants and builders to produce highly effective soil removal without damaging the environment.
  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency Safer Product Standards

    – Safer for workers and the environment

    – Safer for people and the planet

    – Safer for your workplace and community

  • Enviro-Soak is an exceptional blend of surfactants and builders that quickly penetrate to emulsify and lift dried egg yolk, cheese and other difficult protein from flatware.
  • Enviro-Soak also removes starches and other tough organic soils from kitchenware.
  • Enviro-Soak restores the reflective shine to both stainless steel and silver flatware by removing deeply engrained soils that cause surface dulling.
  • Enviro-Soak’s builder formula allows for efficient soil loading making it the perfect pre-soak for busy kitchens with high volumes of soiled kitchenware.
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Environmentally responsible, safe, easy to use cleaners, designed for use in food service and other retail environments.

Auto-Chlor Enviro Soak is a highly concentrated presoaking for removing soils from flatware, soufflé cups, monkey dishes and other serving items. The chemical components are from plant based materials and inorganic components meeting the Environmental Protection Agencies – Safer Choice – criteria. Packaged in a tamper-proof Safe n’ Sealed™, compact container the product mounts off the floor and is accurately dispensed through an Auto-Chlor precision dispensing system.

Enviro Soak is certified by the U.S. Environmental Agency, Safer Choice program to meet their environmental impact standards. This certification means that this product has been thoroughly tested by unbiased, third-party organizations as well as the EPA and has been deemed to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing product performance. Pre-Soaking Wash Procedure Video