We believe that teaching our customers and their employees proper cleaning techniques and procedures is an impoSEVICE LANDING PAGE FINALrtant part of the service and systems we provide.  Proper understanding of cleaning procedures not only improves effectiveness it also decreases product consumption, eliminates waste and saves time, energy and money.  Our color coded cleaning application approach to simplify cleaning procedures, include matching spray bottle, dispensing system and storage receptacles labeling.  English and Spanish instructions and color-coded application identifiers simplify the cleaning process and help your staff deliver optimum results. We provide you and your staff with in-service training including hands on demonstration of proper cleaning techniques and how to select the correct product for each appliance, surface or soil type.  Our expert advice and employee training is all inclusive with our 28-day routine service.


The Auto-Chlor System “Virtual Kitchen” provides step-by-step cleaning instructions for 37 most commonly used kitchen appliances, hard surfaces and utensils. mixer Instructions are provided in English and Spanish.  The Auto-Chlor hard surface cleaning and sanitation program is centered around 10 product categories and each category has its own unique color.  Sanitizer is pink, glass cleaner is blue, floor cleaners are green.  Product containers, dispensing system application decals and the spray bottle use labels for each specific cleaning application all share the same color.  The Virtual Kitchen uses these same colors on the printable task cards available when you access an item to clean. Proper cleaning procedures have never been so easy.  


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