• Safe multi-application, “no-rinse” floor cleaner made from naturally occurring and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency Safer Product Standards

    – Safer for workers and the environment

    – Safer for people and the planet

    – Safer for your workplace and community

  • Safe to use on most floor surfaces.
  • Enzyme enhanced Liquid Floor Cleaner and Deodorizer.
  • Continues cleaning after mopping stops by penetrating into built-up soils in the grout and tile pores.
  • An excellent “back of the house” floor degreaser for quarry tile and concrete floors.
  • Biodegradable Environmentally Safe Surfactants.
  • “Star K” kosher approved.


Environmentally responsible, safe, easy to use cleaners, designed for use in food service and other retail environments.

Auto-Chlor Green Kleen GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner is an environmentally responsible formulation designed to clean, degrease and deodorize quarry tile and grout and other porous surfaces such as concrete. The biodegradable surfactant blend quickly penetrates and removes surface soils. Enzyme enhanced components in GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner penetrate into grout and tile pores and safely digest trapped soils. The specifically selected enzymes in Green Kleen GK-4 No Rinse Floor Cleaner continue to consume organic soils after mopping has stopped. As the grease and soil are removed from the grout, the color lightens and odors are eliminated.

Green Kleen No Rinse Floor Cleaner is certified by the U.S. Environmental Agency, Safer Choice program to meet their environmental impact standards. This certification means that this product has been thoroughly tested by unbiased, third-party organizations as well as the EPA and has been deemed to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing product performance.

Auto-Chlor Green Kleen No Rinse Floor Cleaner contains a unique blend of detergents, emulsifiers, builders, plus proprietary bioactive non-pathogenic bacteria that digest complex proteins, starches, and fats. This floor cleaner is particularly effective in food service environments, such as cafeterias and restaurants. There is no need to rinse the floor after cleaning with Green Kleen. The non-pathogenic bacteria continue to digest waste even after the floor is dry. Subsequent cleanings are easier and the floor’s overall traction is improved, which helps to reduce slip-and-fall accidents and promote a safer workplace.