A5 WaterSaver™ VRX


  • The International Mechanical Code requires TYPE II hoods over commercial dishwashers, except where the heat and moisture loads
    from such appliances are incorporated into the HVAC system design or into the design of a separate removal system.
  • The VRX system eliminates the need for the installation of a Type II Hood over Auto-Chlor commercial dishwashers.
  • Reduces installation and construction costs by eliminating the need for a Type II hood.
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by eliminating vent hood make-up air and reducing the moisture and heat in your kitchen.
  • Factory installed system features integrated controls and simple single source power supply for easy installation.
  • Regularly scheduled 28-day service ensures sparkling results, minimizes mechanical problems and reduces operating costs
  • Benefiting from more than 80 years of improvements and dishwashing experience and knowledge.


  • Cycle Time: 120 seconds
  • Rated capacity: 28 cycles/hour
  • 90 second Wash and Rinse
  • 30 second Vapor Recovery
  • Cold Water Supply Flow Rate: 1 GPM min.
  • Cold Water Consumption Per Rack: 0.4 Gal
  • Cold Water connection 1/4 FPT
  • VRX Drain Connection: 5/8” O.D. tube
  • Heat Load to Room:
    – Latent 2,425 Btu’s/hr.
    – Sensible 2,398 Btu’s/hr.
    – Total 4,823 Btu’s/hr.