UCR Glass Washer


  • Three compartment rotating rack allows operator to load, wash and unload simultaneously.
  • Places glassware in ideal position for maximum cleaning
  • Unique quadra-flow, rotating spray delivers powerful wash and rinse pressure
  • Built-in wash tank and booster heaters with power rinse pump guarantees constant final rinse pressure and temperature for consistent, outstanding results
  • Integrated drain tray collects ice, fruit rinds, toothpicks, etc. before entering wash
  • FAST 60 second cycle cleans, rinses & sanitizes
  • Large 11 ½” wash cavity height accepts full size stemware, pitchers, mugs, etc.
  • Operates on 115v 20 amp circuit
  • Regularly scheduled 28-day service ensures sparkling results, minimizes mechanical problems and reduces operating costs
  • Low water usage – NSF rated at .82 gallons per cycle
  • Maximum 45 gallons of water used per hour
  • Proprietary chemical pumps deliver precise amounts of detergent, drying agent and sanitizer.
  • Iodine sanitizer compatible-ideal for beer glasses and micro-breweries
  • Indicator light informs operator when carousel is correctly positioned
  • Benefitting from more than 75 years of improvements and dishwashing experience