Undercounter • Commercial Dishwasher • Single Rack • Low Energy

Operating Procedures

U34 Specifications


An undercounter dishwasher is a great option for small dining facilities, like bars and cafes, that need to clean dishes quickly. These dishwashers are available with several frequency options, allowing you to choose one that can handle the amount of racks per hour that your establishment needs to clean.

When selecting your commercial undercounter dishwasher, you have the option to choose between high-temperature models, which clean with very hot water and less chemicals, and low-temperature models which use more cleaning chemicals and less energy to get the job done. These units are not only energy efficient, but space efficient, too, which is always important when you have a limited amount of kitchen real estate

  • Compact space saving industrial dishwashing machine
  • WaterSaver™ Designed industrial dishwasher
  • Lowest water usage < 1.04 gallons / dish rack
  • Powerful 1 HP pump
  • Fully enclosed pump impeller for maximum spray pressure
  • Pumped fresh water rinse ideal for bar glass washer
  • Uses standard hot water supply, no external booster heater required
  • Lower water consumption reduces the amount of chemicals needed
  • Upper and lower rotating spray arms cut-away soils
  • Chemical dosing is customized for each customer’s needs
  • Integrated automatic dispensing system ensures the right amount of chemical dose is used in each wash
  • Lease commercial dishwasher. Commercial dishwasher machine. Restaurant dishwasher.


  • Standard 90 second cycle, 30 racks/hour
  • Optional 60 second, 72 second, 108 second, and 2 minute cycles available.
  • Operates on standard 115V/20A electrical circuit
  • 13″ tall wash cavity
  • 20 x 20 dish rack
  • Space saving undercounter commercial dishwasher fits under 34″ drain board

Service and Maintenance

  • Modular design and interchangeable components allow Auto-Chlor System technicians to maintain equipment without delays for special parts.