• Easily removes grease, oil and baked-on food soils.
  • Versatile enough to clean ovens, flat grills, fryers, vent hoods or exterior surfaces of cooking equipment.
  • Thickened, ready-to-use formula clings to soiled surfaces to maximize cleaning efficiency.
  • Contains concentrated caustic, surfactant and corrosion inhibitors for effortless emulsification of soil with maximum metal protection.
  • Color change formula indicates degreasing performance to minimize operator training and product misuse.
  • Will not produce offensive fumes or odors.

Auto-Chlor System Grill & Oven Kleen (G.O.K.) is a highly effective, ready-to use food service grade degreaser for the removal of oils and carbonized grease. A performance driven blend of high alkalinity, surfactant and metal corrosion inhibitor ingredients ensure safe and efficient results. Ideal for use on flat grills, deep fryers, ovens or vent hoods common to most kitchen environments. The enriched formula clings to soil and vertical surfaces to optimize surface contact and minimize scrubbing or scraping of carbonized debris. Color change and non-fuming features ensure proper operator cleaning procedures and user friendliness.

Mary Mathis, Food Service, StickyKiss BBQ… “I cater BBQ, and GOK [Grill and Oven Cleaner] is fantastic for getting the black soot off of my stainless”…