Heavy Duty Carbon Remover


  • Developed for use on aluminum pizza pans, baking dishes, ceramic crocks and other foodservice preparation items
  • Emulsifies carbon and other hardened grease build-up from pots & pans
  • Safe for use on all materials… will not discolor, oxidize or damage surface
  • Soak hood filters overnight
  • Removes carbon stains and restores china to its original finish
  • Economical, highly concentrated formula allows multiple uses without recharging solution

Prepare use solution in a large permanent holding tank in accordance with product label. Solution can be used up to 45 days. Safe to soak hood filters, pots, pans, plastic items or other cooking utensils. Low corrosive formulation utilizes oils from citrus peels to penetrate and emulsify baked on soils. Heavier soils will require longer soak times.