AC-HT Space Maker


  • Table free installation. Unique upright pull down door design eliminates the need for dish tables
  • Large wash compartment-small footprint
    – Handles 20” x 20” and 17” tall ware
    – 22” x 24” footprint only uses 3.34 sq. ft. of floor space (smallest available)
    – 75% less space than a typical dishwasher and tables
  • Ergonomic working height eliminates bending and stooping to load undercounter dishwashers
  • TempWatch: Digital temperature monitoring system – regulates internal heaters to guarantee correct wash and rinse temperatures cycle after cycle
  • Powerful 1 HP pump delivers high pressure spray and mechanical cleaning action for single pass cleaning performance
  • Built-in water pressure regulator provides consistent water usage and cleaning results
  • “Fresh-Fill” operation provides clean wash and rinse water every cycle
  • Regularly scheduled 28-day service ensures ensures sparkling results, minimizes mechanical problems and reduces operating costs
  • Benefiting from more than 75 years of improvements and dishwashing experience and knowledge

The Space Maker model AC-HT dishwashing machine incorporates all the features and performance characteristics of larger machines in a compact size. It is designed to optimize cleaning and sanitation results while reducing labor costs associated with hand warewashing.