A4 Tall


  • WaterSaver™ Design
  • Lowest water usage < 1.04 gallons / dish rack
  • Powerful 1 HP pump
  • Fully enclosed pump impeller for maximum spray pressure
  • Built in pressure regulator provides consistent water volumes for every cycle ensuring consistent results.
  • Exclusive “flush-fill” cleans wash pump every cycle.
  • Accessible external round screen provides easy access for cleaning.
  • Pumped fresh water rinse
  • Uses standard hot water supply, no external booster heater required
  • Lower water consumption reduces the amount of chemicals needed.
  • Upper and lower rotating spray arms knife away soil
  • Chemical dosing is customized for each customer’s needs.
  • Integrated automatic dispensing system ensures the right amount of chemical dose is used in each wash


  • Standard 90 second cycle, 38 racks/hour
  • Optional 60 second, 72 second, 108 second, and 2 minute cycles available.
  • Operates on standard 115V electrical circuit
  • Integrated scrap accumulator
  • 27″ wash cavity – accommodates standard sheet pans
  • 20 x 20 dish rack
  • Inline single rack – washes 37 racks per hour, 125 covers.

Service and Maintenance

  • Modular design and interchangeable components allow Auto-Chlor System technicians to maintain equipment without delays for special parts.


  • Compatible with AB-10 booster heater
  • Compatible with VRX system