• An efficient, chlorine based sanitizer that chemically eliminates bacteria from dishware, glasses and utensils.
  • Suitable for use as a destainer whendispensed into hot water dishwashing machines.
  • Economically kills bacteria on contact.
  • Designed for use in mechanical or hand dishwashing operations.
  • EPA registered and compliant with all health codes.
  • Achieves optimum results when used as part of the complete Auto-Chlor System of equipment, products and service.

Auto-Chlor System Solution-San is an economical, general purpose sanitizer and destainer for manual or automatic dishwashing applications. This chlorinebased, terminal rinse sanitizer is specially formulated to eliminate bacteria from pre-cleaned dishware, glasses and food service utensils. Solution-San can be automatically dispensed using Auto-Chlor System precision-engineered dispensing equipment to ensure dosing accuracy and eliminate product waste. The biodegradable formula is EPA registered and compliant with all municipal health codes.