• Ultra concentrated formula solvates and emulsifies laundry soils at low dosing for powerful, economical cleaning performance.
  • Synchronized Wash Activity Technology (SWAT) allows Energize to leverage chemical synergies to achieve new levels of fabric cleaning and life extension.
  • Built in water softening and anti-re-deposition chemistry reduces the affects of water quality variations on laundry results.
  • Lower pH cleaning properties allow effective linen cleaning without addition of strong caustic laundry additives.
  • Energize provides commercial laundry results in home-style top loading machines without use of equipment damaging chemicals.
  • Energize is composed entirely of earth friendly sustainable components known to be 100% biodegradable.

Energize Laundry Detergent employs Auto-Chlor System’s Synchronized Wash Activity Technology (SWAT). SWAT leverages the combined power of four essential chemical attributes: emulsification, solvation, chelation and soil suspension to produce synergistic chemical performance. The balanced interaction of the four chemical attributes greatly improves laundry cleaning activity. The SWAT interactions allow Energize to perform at low dosage with increased laundry detergency and efficiency. Energize’s unique cleansing
technology breaks down barriers to soil removal without harming fabric structure and results in increased commercial fiber life. Energize is Ultra concentrated and packaged in a 1 gallon wall mountable pack that reduces storage space requirements.