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professional kitchen, laundry and housekeeping system surveys, as well as cleaning and sanitization surveys for lodging, foodservice and healthcare facilities. With more than 80 years of institutional cleaning and sanitization experience we have the knowledge and expertise to review your facility for proper cleaning procedures, evaluate equipment for efficiency and energy consumption, provide expert advice to correct discrepancies and assist with proper training and implementation of effective practices.

Our surveys look at the overall components of your cleaning and sanitization process – energy, labor, chemical, replacement costs (breakage or soiled linen) and indirect costs (repairs, maintenance, supplies and overhead). Typical survey points include:


  • Inspect warewashing machines, bar glass washers, institutional pot and pan washers and where applicable water softening systems
  • Review all warewash cleaning and sanitation tools and components, including: pre-rinse fixture, hot-water cross connection, dish racks, flatware racks, presoaking and racking procedures, overhead ventilation system efficiency and dish tables slope, draining and drying space
  • Complete water quality analysis to determine water hardness, iron content and total dissolved solids
  • Review, test and measure general chemical products and dispensing systems currently used; application, dispensing rates, dilution costs and efficacy
  • Evaluate cleanliness of floors, cooking equipment, hoods, restrooms, table tops, lobbies and other customer touch points


  • Review machine wash formulas, water levels, water temperatures, chemical and chlorine concentrations
  • Complete a comprehensive water quality analysis and check all fabric types for chemical retention (chlorine and residual alkalinity) and loss of tensile strength from chemical damage
  • Analyze laundry flow from collecting, transporting and sorting to pre-spotting, washing, drying folding and storage
  • Estimate percentage of linen lost from improper procedures, wash formulas and chemical application
  • Review laundry reclamation formulas and evaluate cycle times, water temperatures and levels and chemical concentrations during each step of the cycle
  • Evaluate pre-spot system, employees understanding, use, and application

Tanya Baker – The Boarding House, Chicago, IL“Auto-Chlor approached us to perform a free survey of our current operations.  They sat with us and together we tailored a plan that would specifically meet our needs.  The installations were professionally administered and completed in a timely manner”…


  • Review cleaner applications and concentration levels. Measure dispenser dilution rates and proper spray bottle labeling
  • Survey guest rooms to evaluate cleanliness, odor control and linen cleanliness and quality

Ric Rabourn – Hallmark Resort… “We have been using Auto-Chlor since 2012. When we signed with them It was made clear that the level of service we received would determine how long our relationship would last. They have exceed our expectations and continue to be a great partner”…


  • Verify OSHA required Safety Data Sheets are on hand and available to all employees.
  • Discuss service frequency of current supplier and if applicable document meter reading of the dish and laundry machines to determine cycles washed.
  • Evaluate current emergency service call response times.
  • Review costs and budget to compare with peers operating within the same industry / classification / segment.

Seakyeong Kim – Executive Chef, Charlie Palmer… “Charlie Palmer has used Auto-Chlor for many years.  I highly recommend Auto-Chlor to anyone looking for a chemical company that will make your experience worry-free”…


Jerry and Terri Flagg – McDonalds Owner Operator… “Auto-Chlor worked with us to accommodate a dishwasher in an area in which the construction plans did not properly allow space.  Their knowledge and level of understanding of our restaurant allowed us to fit a model into our newest location”…  



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