Single Rack

Single Rack Dishwashers are perfect for low- to mid-volume establishments.  A full rack of dishes is loaded in the dishwasher and in 60-120 seconds, the dishes are cleaned and sanitized. You can find them in high and low temp sanitizing styles.

Available in both single and double rack configurations, our large assortment of commercial door-type dishwashers include both high temperature and low temperature chemical sanitation functions.Single rack and double rack dishwashers are a massive time-saving convenience in the world of cleaning up. Used accordingly, they make sure that you are left with spotless, squeaky-clean dishes that you can feel happy to use more or less as soon as they come out of the dishwasher. It’s the perfect range of dishwashers. Each dishwasher that we sell, comes with various add-ons included to help improve the performance of the dishwasher itself. This allows for the addition of booster heats to be included, but it also allows for various other features and options to be chosen.

Be sure to check out our selection of machine dish washing chemicals and detergents to stock up on necessary cleaning supplies for your dishwasher as well.