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Beverage & Drain Cleaner

UV Light Insect Trap

Fresh pheromone enhanced glue boards every 28 days

  • Insects are attracted to the glue boards by the smell of pheromones, which have been mixed with the glue. Similar to other types of fragrance products, the glue boards have a limited life and need to be replaced once the pheromones have evaporated.
  • Flies attracted to the pheromones land on the glue and stick. Just like the pheromones, the glue has a limited life and requires changing.

Location, location, location

  • Where light traps are installed is as important as the light trap itself. Your Auto-Chlor System Service and Sales Representative will survey your facility and suggest the most effective locations to install your traps.
  • Incorrect installation can actually increase the number of flies in your facility by attracting flies from outdoors.
  • Installation near food prep areas will actually increase the dangers to you and your customers.

Scheduled bulb changes maintain UV light strength

  • Regular replacement of the bulbs ensures the traps are working their best. The special UV (ultra-violet) light bulbs produce light that humans can’t see. Actuall, about 90% of the light produced can’t be seen. Over time, the amount of UV light produced goes down as the bulb ages, reducing the effectiveness of the trap.
  • Auto-Chlor System Service and Sales Representatives change the light bulbs as part of our regular route service program to ensure the highest levels of performance.