A6 Energy Saver


  • Fast 45 second cycle cleans, rinses and sanitizes up to 72 racks per hour
  • Energy Star registered and NSF rated to use as little as 0.69 gallons/rack
  • TempWatch – temperature monitoring system – regulates rinse water to guarantee correct rinse temperatures cycle after cycle
  • Commercial dishwasher capable of being a high temp or chemical sanitizing machine
  • Integrated booster heater maintained by Auto-Chlor service technicians
  • Three door design allows for use as an inline or corner dishwasher
  • Powerful 3 hp pump delivers high pressure spray and mechanical cleaning action for single pass cleaning performance
  • Integrated chemical controls and pumps
  • Regularly scheduled 28-day service ensures sparkling results, minimizes mechanical problems and reduces operating costs
  • Benefiting from more than 75 years of improvements and dishwashing experience and knowledge