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Auto-Chlor Launching On Premise Laundry Solution – SURPASS

If your business depends on a consistent supply of fresh linens, you needs an efficient and productive on-premises laundry.
Auto-Chlor System is leading the way with OPL solutions and service that can’t be beat. Not familiar with on premise laundry solutions? No problem. Click here to watch our video

LAUNCHING September 12th –

SURPASS, A New line that is great for On Premise Laundry sites such as hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc..Let Auto-Chlor partner with your business to develop a comprehensive on-premise laundry (OPL) program. We feature advanced commercial laundry detergent and service specialists that help you manage the total cost of laundry – including water and energy consumption, while delivering fresh, soft results. laundry opl autochlorsystem peoplefirst

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