• Concentrated high-alkaline break
  • Effectively saponifies animal fats, greases and vegetable based soils
  • Contains alkalinity boosters and water hardness control ingredients
  • Contains anti-redeposition agents
  • Enhances soil removal
  • For Commercial and Institutional use

Fabra Kleen Maximizer is an highly alkaline, built liquid laundry break designed for the Auto-Chlor System commerical and institutional on-premise laundry program. It is the “workhorse” break used to increase wash water alkalinity and enhance soil removal. Added hard water sequestrantsensure full detergency performance in the wash wheel. Fabra Kleen Maximizer effectively saponifies animal fats, greases and vegetable oil based soils. Contains soil anti-redepositon ingredients to ensure the best wash possible. Optimum results are achieved when used in conjunction with Auto-Chlor System dispensing equipment, service programs and complementary wash products. When used as part of the complete program; increased laundry operation efficency and significantly reduced wash article rejects and re-washes will result.