Peace-Of-Mind Promise

With Auto-Chlor System you get more than just a product, you get the peace-of-mind that 80 years of cleaning experience provides. We work hands-on with your housekeeping and laundry personnel on cleaning processes and procedures. Raise guest satisfaction to a new level with our proven solutions for comprehensive cleaning. The guest room experience must be a special one and our complete range of multi-purpose formulas provides that level of comfort and peace of mind. Keep your property sparkling fresh and your guests feeling right at home with Auto-Chlor’s time-tested housekeeping program and commercial housekeeping supplies.


Housekeeping means keeping house and no one does that as well as Auto-Chlor. When your guests check-in they are assured that their accommodations are clean and hygienically safe. The Auto-Chlor RoomSense products and systems are specifically developed for housekeeping. RoomSense products utilize the same Cool Rain fragrance in all products. The combination of these highly effective products ensures exceptional cleaning and a lasting initial impression. Guests and staff enjoy the pleasing fragrance and unique odor-counteracting characteristics. These highly concentrated products are dispensed directly into color-coded, cleaning application labeled spray bottles delivering low cost in use performance. Our complete line of high performance cleaning products allows your staff to replenish and disinfect each room with minimum time and labor.

On Premise Laundry

No two operations are exactly the same, that’s why we take the necessary time to formulate a comprehensive plan that will deliver the best possible results at the lowest costs. High quality linen is expensive to purchase and even more costly to replace. Our Auto-PRO line of pre-spotters and reclamation products are designed to reduce rejects and reclaim heavy soiled and spotted items so they aren’t discarded. Aside from labor and energy, replacing linen is one of the highest cost of operating an on premise laundry. We look at the total operation and set your washers to operate at peak efficiency with our most technologically advanced dispensing systems.


Our 80 years of experience and attention to detail provide the assurance that your warewashing system will operate at peak efficiency. Rest assured, with our 28-day service program we deliver the correct amount of products, conveniently placed in your storage area. Additionally, our In-Service training keeps dishmachine operators knowledgeable of proper procedures delivering maximized productivity. We also offer a complete line of products for all commercial kitchen cleaning and sanitizing applications that are accurately dispensed into sinks, mop buckets, spray bottles, etc. Just one call… and we have whatever it takes to deliver quality results.

Personal Care

We supply and service a comprehensive line of personal care items including antibacterial hand soaps, waterless hand sanitizers and body washes. We also service and install hand soap dispensers… both manual and touch-free. No job to large, we have the resources and capabilities to deliver on our guaranteed customer satisfaction commitment.

Facility Maintenance

Our Common Scents facility air freshening systems bring quality fragrances to your public areas. Common Scents® air freshening components are attractive yet subtle and locate discretely on walls in restrooms, foyers, exercise rooms, vestibules, lobbies and other public areas. Common Scents® odor control systems are also available for toilets and urinals. All components come in two fresh fragrances, Cotton Blossom and Cucumber Melon.

Our comprehensive lodging cleaning and sanitization program is the answer for efficient and consistent cleaning. We’re here to help you maximize the guest experience.

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