Auto-Chlor’s healthcare cleaning and sanitation program ensures that every aspect of your facility is hygienically safe and provides maximum comfort to residents.

There are no compromises when it comes to healthcare environments. Cleaning plays a critical role in protecting human health by preventing transmission of an ever growing array of harmful, and in some cases, deadly infectious diseases. Healthcare industries rely on employees and suppliers to deliver exceptional service so that patients reside in comfortable, healthy, and safe environments. One of the more difficult components of providing this is the willingness of suppliers to spend the time necessary to ensure employees practice quality cleaning and maintenance procedures. We believe that In-Service Training is the single most important step to teach employees the care and quality needed to deliver exceptional clean. During the Auto-Chlor 28-day scheduled service technicians test and calibrate disinfecting dispensing devices, make certain spray bottle labels are correct, clean and updated and work with employees to teach proper cleaning procedures. As part of our ongoing service we conduct training programs for facility maintenance personnel on proper floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, laundry processing and other critical control points through out the facility.

“We aim to educate our customers employees on cleaning as the first line of defense against the spread of infectious agents”… David Ford Auto-Chlor, Vice President

Personal Care

We supply and service a comprehensive line of personal care items including antibacterial hand soaps, waterless hand sanitizers and body washes. We also service and install hand soap dispensers… both manual and touch-free.


The Auto-Chlor housekeeping products are specifically developed for healthcare facility maintenance. Color coded application and workplace labeling maintain compliance and simplify employee training. Ten core concentrated products are diluted with advanced proportioning systems, maintaining use solutions at their maximum effectiveness and minimum costs.


Our Fabra Kleen on premise laundry system includes a versatile product range allowing a variety of chemical configurations to meet the cleaning needs of specific fabric type and varying soil conditions. Whether the application require three, four or five products the versatility exists. We design the ideal wash formula, premium fabric finishing and optimum cost management system for each application. Our laundry bleaches are EPA registered for use on fabric. For personal clothes washing in residential style laundry machines our single shot, enzyme detergent is highly effective, easy to use and more economical than traditional powdered household brands. Our unsurpassed service expertise, microprocessor dispensing systems and quality chemical formulations will keep your operation running smoothly and economically.


Whether you prefer high or low temperature warewashing, we have the ideal detergent and drying agent to deliver clean and sanitary results. Our experience and attention to detail provide the assurance that your warewashing system will operate at peak efficiency. Plus during our 28-day service program we deliver the correct amount of products, conveniently placed in you storage area. Additionally, our In-Service training keeps dishmachine operators knowledgeable of proper procedures delivering maximized productivity. We also offer a complete line of products for all commercial kitchen cleaning and sanitizing applications that are accurately dispensed into sinks, mop buckets, spray bottles, etc. Just one call… and we have whatever it takes to deliver quality results.

Facility Maintenance

Our Common Scents facility air freshening systems bring quality fragrances to your public areas. Common Scents® air freshening components are attractive yet subtle and locate discretely on walls in restrooms, foyers, exercise rooms, vestibules, lobbies and other public areas. Common Scents® odor control systems are also available for toilets and urinals. All components come in two fresh fragrances, Cotton Blossom and Cucumber Melon.

All points of the operation are given the utmost attention… from personal care, housekeeping, laundry, warewashing, and dining services. That gives you the peace of mind knowing that over 80 years of Auto-Chlor experience and innovation is keeping your healthcare facility compliant and resident safety at the highest level.

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