Our service is based on a 28-day service schedule, performed by factory-trained company employees, with product delivered directly from our own fleet of service trucks.2015-Service-Schedule Upload In addition to our reliable routine service, emergency service is offered all day, every day, with less than two hours response time. Our service is superior: over 75,000 customers know why. To find out more about service in your area contact you local Auto-Chlor office to schedule an appointment and on site survey.


  • Our routine service schedule allows our service ServiceTruck_Mattrepresentatives the consistency and time needed to identify and correct potential problems before they occur.
  • We proactively replace parts based on “real-time” life expectancy data. This keeps your system finely tuned and prevents unexpected downtime.
  • When needed, prompt response to service calls 24/7 gives you peace of mind in knowing that you wont be without supplies or your equipment will not be down during peak hours.
  • Inventory control and direct delivery to your storage area saves you time plus it allows us to help you manage usage and costs.
  • We train your staff on the proper procedures to get the best cleaning results.


  • If you own a high or low temperature dishmachines… we have the correct products and technologically advanced dispensing systems to match your machine.  Our synergistic products and systems provide pristine results.
  • We perform a 50-Point inspection during our 28 day service… including water temperatures, mechanical action, proper chemical dispensing rates, procedures and more.Riverfront Kitchen
  • We are experienced in all dishmachine types and brands.
  • On premise laundry chemicals and dispensing systems designed to automatically dispense from containers to washers.  Precise delivery eliminates waste and reduces costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our warewash, laundry and housekeeping service programs.