Customer Recognition


gd-logoGlory Days Grill has awarded Auto-Chlor System its “2016 Vendor of the Year” award! Through a rigorous vetting process of over 100 vendors, Glory Days Grill Corporate Officers and Managing Partners has honored Auto-Chlor System for the third time in Glory Days 20 year history.

On March 7, a beautiful dinner was hosted at The Palm Restaurant in Tyson’s Corner VA. Auto-Chlor System was represented well by owners and management; (Steve Wood, John Fegan, Rick Fegan and Michael Bittner). During which time the owners of Glory Days praised Auto-Chlor’s service and commitment to a strong partnership. The hard work and constant dedication to the core principals of Auto-Chlor System do not go unrecognized.

According to Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, Glory Days Grill restaurants, “Glory Days Grill has a long standing tradition of selecting vendors each year to celebrate our partnership in business. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you tonight that Auto Chlor  has been selected as one of Glory Days Grill’s Vendors of the Year for 2016!!! Mr. Cohen went on to say, as you already know, we truly value our working relationship with Auto-Chlor. When we put this out to vote this year it was almost unanimous amongst the Glory Days folks that Auto Chlor be recognized for all the times they go above and beyond to support us. In particular we would like to recognize Michael Bittner’s contribution to our mutual success as well.”

Mid Atlantic Managers Meet


2017 NVA_CAR Managers ConferenceThe Auto-Chlor System of Northern Virginia and Carolina held their annual Managers Conference to celebrate the organizations rapid expansion and set plans in place to continue their aggressive growth.  Since 2008 these territories have largely expanded in service capability and customer base.  The team has developed great leadership and has provided employees with expanded responsibilities.  Attending the 2017 Northern Virginia and Carolina Manager Conference:

Front Row L-R: Tim Carpenter, John Fegan. Rick Fegan, Nok Carter, Steve Wood (Not picture)

Second Row: Anthony Grieb, Pablo Martinez, Bryan Wilkins, Doug Lee, Jeremy Krebs, Richard Hudson, Michael Bittner

Third Row: Corey Guy, Donnie Baker, Adrian Hughes, Chris Westerholm, Mark Bidstrup, Chris Buck, Joey Velez, Doug Stevens

Safer Choice Lime Scale Remover

Auto-Chlor System, Introduces E.P.A. Safer Choice Labeled Scale Away

Memphis TN, March 2, 2017 – Auto-Chlor System takes another step in delivering environmentallySCALE AWAY safe cleaning products for use in the institutional and industrial operations.  Scale Away, designed to remove mineral deposits, such as calcium, magnesium and iron from multiple surfaces has been reformulated and is now labeled Safer Choice.  Products with the Safer Choice label help consumers and commercial buyers identify products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance.  Safer Choice products are safer for People and Safer for the Environment.

Auto-Chlor System makes available a variety of Safer Choice cleaning products for multiple applications including, machine dishwashing, hand dishwashing, floor cleaning, degreasers, and a variety of other hard surface cleaners applicable for use in the foodservice, lodging and healthcare industries.

Savannah, GA Branch Manager

Adrian Hughes Promoted to Branch Manager, Savannah, GA Branch

February 21, 2017 – Auto-Chlor System of the Carolina’s announced Adrian Hughes as the Adrian Hughes - Savannah Branch ManagerSavannah, GA Branch Manager.  Adrian began his Auto-Chlor career 4 years ago as a route technician in the Hilton Head, SC market.  He immediately began to make an impact in branch operations with his hard work and customer service commitment.  In early 2016, Adrian was promoted to a Branch Supervisor position, delivering stability and responsive service throughout the southeast Georgia and South Carolina Service territories.  As Branch Manager, Adrian will continue to promote Auto-Chlor System by cultivating strong relationships with customers.

More Safer Choices


Memphis, TN – Auto-Chlor System announces a new product to its Green Kleen range of institutional cleaners, Enviro Kleen, a new encapsulated dishwashing machine EnviroKleendetergent that carries the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Safer Choice® label.  Enviro Kleen, is a highly active, institutional, dishwashing machine detergent that is suitable for use in varying water conditions and in high or low temperature applications.

Enviro Kleen mechanical dishwashing detergent is developed to work synergistically  with the Safer Choice®, AutoChlor System drying agents, Enviro Dry and Enviro Dry Plus. The combination of Enviro Kleen detergent and Enviro Dry drying agents offer users a “Green” alternative for their mechanical warewashing requirements.  Safer Choice® products are Safer for People and Safer for the Environment.



Auto-Chlor System announces the release of a new Hand Dishwashing Procedure training video. This informative video takes you step-by-step through the proper procedures essential to sanitizing your food service items by hand in a three-compartment sink. Learn how to effectively pre-scrap, wash, rinse, sanitize, and store your dishes for optimum results.

The Hand Dishwashing Procedure Video is the newest of many training videos produced and developed by Auto-Chlor System.  You can access this video on the Auto-Chlor website in the VIRTUAL KITCHEN and VIDEO LIBRARY under the TRAINING tab. To see the complete Auto-Chlor System video library, visit the Auto-Chlor You Tube Channel –  AUTO-CHLOR YOU TUBE CHANNEL


Auto-Chlor Drying Agents now hold the E.P.A. Safer Choice Label


Auto-Chlor System holds true to its green footprint. The national company continues to be committed to providing products for consumers and commercial buyers that are as effective as they are safe. Its partnership with the E.P.A. Safer Choice Label is longstanding, having 14 products with the Safer Choice Label already. Adding to the list, all Auto-Chlor Drying Agents now hold the Safer Choice Label. That is a grand total of 19 products with the label, all produced in the U.S.A.

All products with the label are safer for people and the environment.  The E.P.A. Safer Choice Label holds strict criteria including reviewing the ingredients, product performance, pH levels, and packaging. In addition the government organization conducts annual audits to ensure the products continue to uphold the standards of the Label. Every ingredient must meet strict safety criteria for both human health and the environment. Not all companies can or are willing to invest the time, research and financial commitment to meet the Safer Choice Standard as it is a voluntary program.

As a forward thinking organization, Auto-Chlor has been a leader in conservation and sustainability since its start in 1938. The core business centers on the WaterSaver™ low-energy dishwashing machines and their ability to be the lowest water and energy consuming dishwashing machines within their respective categories; the complete range of Auto-Chlor low-temperature dishwashing machines have all earned the Energy Star qualification.

Auto-Chlor System has an established tradition of being recognized for many environmental awards. The Auto-Chlor System Oakland Branch earned an Alameda County green business certification in March of this year. The County recognized Auto-Chlor System for its ongoing practice of reusing chemical product containers, the complete line of Energy Star dish machines, and the comprehensive line of E.P.A. recognized Safer Choice cleaning products. In addition, the organizations Southern California branches, among more, have achieved the same recognition and certification in the past. Since the beginning, Auto-Chlor System has made a conscientious effort to reuse containers. Still holding onto traditions today, customers are encouraged to retain containers for reclamation and reuse.

Auto-Chlor System offers a complete range of E.P.A., Safer Choice Institutional Cleaners including mechanical dish machine detergents and drying agents, presoaks, hand dishwash detergents, floor cleaners, grill cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers and more.  Check our website for more details



On July 5, 2016, Auto-Chlor System acquired the dishwashing business assets of B&E Services Inc. located in Burlington, WI. B&E Services provides dishwashing and cleaning supplies and products and services to institutional customers located within the greater Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL metropolitan areas. The Madison, WI and Chicago, IL Auto-Chlor branches will services the majority of the B&E customers.

B&E Services started in Des Plaines, Illinois and approximately 10 years ago, the business relocated to Burlington, WI.  The addition of the B&E portfolio of independent and regional chain restaurants complements Auto-Chlor’s service presence in this geography and will quicken  development of the Milwaukee market.  “We look forward to meeting and working with the B&E customers and plan to continue to provide the same level of service for these customers that they have appreciated for many years from the B&E principals”, said David Ford, Vice President, Auto-Chlor System.  Our immediate focus is to ensure that service to the B&E customers goes uninterrupted.

Auto-Chlor System services over 65,000 institutional customers across the country.  With more than 120 service locations, Auto-Chlor is the largest privately held chemical and dishmachine service provider to commercial kitchens in the contiguous United States.




Memphis, TN – Auto-Chlor System announces the availability of its UCR carousel glass washer.

UCR Glasswasher

The UCR carousel glasswasher meets stringent NSF testing and is certified for use with chlorine or iodine sanitizing agents.  According to John Hockaday, Director of Engineering and Equipment Manufacturing, “the UCR carousel glasswasher will enable the company to meet customers glass washing needs in the fast growing microbrewery category”.  The UCR carousel glasswasher design and functionality is ideal for low or high volume bar glass washing applications.  Suitable for use in  pubs, bars, wine tasting rooms, wineries, cocktail lounges and breweries.

The complete wash cycle is a fast 60 seconds.  A three section, rack free carousel design accommodates all glass sizes and shapes (including beer pitchers and wine carafes) and allows washing to occur in one section while soiled items are loaded into another and cleaned items are ready for storage. With integrated, low voltage energy efficient, wash and final rinse water heaters, water temperature and final rinse water pressure are never a problem.  The machine functions on low voltage electrical service, 115 VAC @ 20 amperes which simplifies installation and minimizes costs associated with high voltage electrical supply requirements.

Installation, ongoing service, parts and chemicals are included in the standard Auto-Chlor System 28-day routine service program.  Contact us today to learn more about the UCR Carousel Glasswasher.



POSTCARD FRONT copyJune 24, 2016 – Portland, OR. Auto-Chlor System announces the opening of a new service location in Boise, ID.  The new Boise – Treasure Valley location will service the Southern portion of Idaho east and west along the I-84 corridor.  Barry Tischart, Auto-Chlor Regional Manager, is excited with the ability to provide service to customers in Boise and the surrounding area.  According to Tischart “the circumstances that have brought us to Boise are ideal, an existing foodservice customer with multiple locations in Idaho asked Auto-Chlor to take over the dishmachine service and provide the ancillary cleaning supplies for their entire Idaho Region.  This gave us the customer base we needed to establish a fully functional branch. Its a great start for Auto-Chlor and we are delighted to be able to provide one of our largest customers the same service in their Idaho market as we provide in their other locations across the U.S.A.  Additionally, our Oregon and Washington customers that have expanded into Idaho have wanted our products, equipment and service for some time.  We look forward to servicing these customers as well”.

The Boise – Treasure Valley branch will align with the Auto-Chlor System Northwest Territory. A full complement of Auto-Chlor Energy Star certified dishwashers and the Auto-Chlor kitchen, housekeep and laundry cleaning supplies will be warehoused at the facility and ready for immediate installation.  Additionally, the Boise branch will have a complete staff of Auto-Chlor trained personnel.  Like all other Auto-Chlor locations, the reliable 28-day service model that has made the company so successful will be the core component of the Boise operation.  For more information, contact the Boise Branch directly.
ADDRESS: 2768 Featherly Way Boise, ID 83709
PHONE: 208 362-9431
FAX: 208 362-9430