• Powerful solvent based stainless steel cleaner, polish and protectant.
  • Cleans & polishes surfaces in one step.
  • Unique hydrocarbon solvents remove grease, film and water spots.
  • Leaves a durable protective coating to prevent smudging and soiling.
  • Use on stainless steel equipment or fixtures, laminated plastic, porcelain or enamel surfaces.
  • Easy ready-to-use spray & wipe application.


Xpress Hi-Performance Stainless Steel Polish is a solvent based solution which polishes and restores luster to metallic surfaces. It maintains a bright, clean finish on metal, porcelain, formica and enameled surfaces without leaving a greasy finish. Xpress Hi-Performance Stainless Steel Polish leaves a protective coating on surfaces allowing them to resist further soiling or smudging.