• Highly alkaline water & solvent based detergent.
  • Easily removes grease, oil and baked-on food soils.
  • Versatile enough to clean ovens,  grills, fryers, vent hoods or exterior surfaces of cooking equipment.
  • Contains concentrated alkaline builders, surfactant and chelants for effortless emulsification of soil.
  • Compatible with cold or warm surface cleaning.
  • Does not produce offensive fumes or odors.

Xpress Degreaser is a concentrated alkaline heavy-duty formulation. The unique blend of organic solvents and non-ionic surfactants combine to provide the detergency and penetrationPrint of soil demanded by today’s foodservice professional. Grease, oil and carbonized soil is quickly emulsified and lifted from the surface to allow “wipe away” cleaning effectiveness. Ideal for cold and warm surface application with stove-tops, cooking equipment, at grills, deep fryers, ovens, broilers or hood & vent equipment. Non-fuming and odorless, Xpress Degreaser will enhance operator safety and user friendliness.