RTU Xpress Beverage Drain Cleaner.

  • Eliminates cold water mold and sugary wastes from beer tap, soda fountain drains, and general use sinks.
  • Eliminates cold water mold, a significant food source for pests.
  • Reduces grease, fat and food particle build-up in drain lines.
  • Minimizes drain clogs, overflows and expensive plumbing services.
  • Regular use helps maintain clean drain lines and neutralizes foul drain odors.
  • Provides easy controlled dosing dissolving clogs in beer tap and soda fountain drains, as well as low use drain environments.
  • Safe for plumbing/Non-Corrosive formula.
  • Applied at 4-6 ounces per drain at end of day.

Maintaining beverage and fountain drains can be costly and time consuming. Auto-Chlor has designed our Xpress Beverage and Drain Cleaner with its own blend of highly effective beneficial microorganism to reduce and eliminate the naturally occurring blockages in these systems. Cold Water Mold, Sugary Wastes, and organic materials cause blockages requiring costly plumbing repairs and a food/breeding source for pests. Take the worry out of your drain maintenance, reduce cost, and protect the environment with this safe non-corrosive formula.