• Ultra concentrated alkaline detergent.
  • Quickly emulsifies grease, oil and carbonized soil.
  • Versatile application for stove tops, ovens, flat grills, deep fryers, hoods and vents or floors.
  • Compatible with cold or warm surface cleaning.
  • Will not produce fumes when in use.
  • “Star K” kosher approved.

Auto-Chlor System D-Grease Supreme is an ultra concentrated alkaline formulation. sdsi_logo_epsThe unique blend of surfactants combine to provide superior detergency and quick soil penetration. Grease, oil and carbonized soils are quickly emulsified and lifted from the surface. D-Grease Supreme is the single product that can be used to degrease floors, kitchen equipment, walls and cabinets. Ideal for cold or warm surface application on stove-tops, cooking equipment, flat grills, deep fryers, ovens, broilers or hood and vent equipment.