• Ultra concentrated premium rinse additive for adverse water conditions.
  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency Safer Product Standards

    – Safer for workers and the environment

    – Safer for people and the planet

    – Safer for your workplace and community

  • Reduces surface tension to ensure rapid dispersal and sheeting of rinse water, preventing water spots and streaking.
  • Contains highly active dispersents and surfactants to boost detergent cleaning power
  • Specially formulated to deliver sparkling ware in areas with water containing high mineral content or dissolved solids TDS)
  • “Star K” Kosher approved

Rinse Aid Plus is a high active rinse agent designed for use in industrial SLIDER-GREEN-KLEEN-LOGOand instiutional machine warewashing operations, in areas with water containing high mineral content or total dissolved solids. Highly concentrated surfactants facilitate the rapid dispersal and sheeting of rinse water from glasses, cutlery and other kitchen wares. Ideal for all soil loads, Rinse Aid Plus speeds drying time while leaving dishware clean and spot free.  The Auto-Chlor System™ chemical feed system delivers reliable performance and durability.

green-footprintRinse Aid Plus is certified by the U.S. Environmental Agency, Safer Choice program to meet their environmental impact standards.  This certification means that this product has been thoroughly tested by unbiased, third-party organizations as well as the EPA and has been deemed to be environmentally responsible without sacrificing product performance.