• Pot ‘n Hands is uniquely formulated for hand washing or for use as a pot and pan cleaner at the three-compartment sink.
  • High sudsing action for cleaning the toughest soils and greases.
  • Cleans baked-on foods quickly and easily.
  • Pleasant almond fragrance.
  • Safe and gentle to hands.

Auto-Chlor Pots ’n Hands is a concentrated and effective hand soap and lotionized manual warewashing detergent designed for use in industrial and institutional manual warewashing operations. Pots ’n Hands easily breaks down stubborn food soils, grease and oils, leaving dishes, utensils and cookware sparkling clean. The free rinsing, high-active formula produces rich suds which are exceptionally stable, even in the presence of extreme grease loads. Mild and gentle to skin.