• Quat based hand sanitizer, eliminates 99.9% of many harmful organisms
  • Does not over-dry skin like alcohol based  instant hand sanitizers
  • No water or towels required – dries instantly
  • Effective in 15 seconds or less
  • Citrus-floral scent
  • Safe n’ Sealed™ package prevents tampering and contamination
  • Use with touchless or manual dispensing systems, available in white or black

Hand Kleen – Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer works quickly to eliminate 99.9% of most harmful organisms.  A non-flammable, dye-free, citrus floral scented formula contains 0.2% Benzethonium Chloride.  Lathery foam spreads evenly and thoroughly across hands without the need for water and rapidly drying without hand towels.  Easy, safe and economical to use.  Dispensing system are wall mounted on virtually any surface and are available in white or black, touchless or manual.  Packaged in a 1000 ML Safe n’ Sealed™ pouch with built in foaming pump.