• Concentrated floor cleanser formulated to saponify animal and vegetable greases and oils.
  • Alkaline, low sudsing formula is ideal for cleaning concrete loading docks and quarry tile.
  • An excellent “back of the house” degreaser for quarry tile and concrete floors.
  • Non-abrasive and free-rinsing.
  • Biodegradable environmentally safe surfactants.
  • For use in institutional, industrial and food processing establishments.

Auto-Chlor Floor Break is a heavy duty, alkaline floor cleanser developed exclusivelyPrint for industrial and institutional use. The highly concentrated, low sudsing, fast acting formula is ideal for cleaning a wide variety of floor types. This non abrasive, free rinsing product penetrates greasy build ups and lifts the oil and grime from surfaces such as linoleum, vinyl, wood, rubber, marble, concrete, ceramic, asphalt and quarry tile.