• Ultra Concentrated formula specifically formulate to emulsify tough animal and vegetable fats.
  • Safe to use on all hard surfaces and water resistant flooring.
  • An excellent spray and wipe cleaner for everyday cleaning in restaurants, schools and other institutional facilities
  • “Star K” kosher approved

Auto-Chlor System FC-44 All Purpose Cleaner is a ultra-concentrated formulation for cleaning hard surfaces without leaving streaks or haze. Used as a spray & wipe cleaner, sdsi_logo_epsit dissolves grease, grime and other soils leaving surfaces sparkling clean. FC-44 All Purpose Cleaner is powerful enough to remove heavy soils, yet mild enough for frequent use. FC-44 All Purpose Cleaner is an effective daily cleaner and can be used on most surfaces including chrome, vinyl, countertops, stainless steel, ceramic and quarry tile and porcelain.