• Eliminates unpleasant odors leaving area smelling clean and fresh. Concentrated formula for optimum use cost effectiveness.
  • Contains unique odor counteractant ingredients to neutralize the source of malodors.
  • Two pleasant fragrances available for maximum level of choice.
  • Neutral pH formula is safe to operator and surfaces.
  • Colorless formula in dilution will not stain or discolor hard surfaces or fabric.
  • Long lasting residual effect without being too overpowering.


Auto-Chlor Common Scents is a concentrated room deodorizer and air freshener developed for use in lodging, nursing home, hospital, restaurant and office maintenance environments. Two fragrances are available to provide the widest acceptance possible. Fresh potporri and tropical fragrances contain a unique odor neutralizing agent to quickly destroy offensive odors leaving the area smelling clean and fresh. Common Scents may be sprayed directly onto any hard surface and wiped away or mist into the air. Neutral pH and colorless characteristics ensure it is both safe to use and non-staining to hard surfaces or fabric.