The BrewKleen Total Hygiene Program furnishes a complete onsite solution for brewery cleaning and sanitation, providing both front and back of house cleaning products, procedures and services supporting the craft brew industry. Auto-Chlor System’s traditional front of the brew house products and services provide superior hygienic dishwashing, hard surface sanitization and floor care for brewery patrons. In the back of house, the brewing process is elevated with expressly formulated BrewKleen products and hygienic methods, reinforcing brew quality excellence and providing batch-to-batch repeatable equipment cleaning and sanitation for our brew masters.

To monitor effectiveness, an Auto-Chlor representative reviews performance during a scheduled visit every 28 days. Our quality products will also be delivered at this time to ensure that brew quality is maintained from batch to batch. Should you need us before then, we will be there with 24/7 emergency service.

Above all, we will work with you to ensure that trouble isn’t brewing in your system, just the highest quality beer possible. We’re ready when you are to help you find optimal cleaning solutions and to be there as you grow.

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