• Significantly extends time required between grease trap pump outs
  • Eliminates odors by breaking down fats and odorous organics in the grease interceptor
  • Non-corrosive formula will not damage plumbing
  • Concentrated surfactant-free technology vastly improves natural processes already at work in the grease interceptor
  • Economically priced with improved performance to reduce operational costs
  • Leverages the natural processes that protect the environment to produce cleaner effluent

Maintaining grease interceptors can be a costly, time-consuming and it is with this understanding that Auto-Chlor System has designed Bio-Flow with its own blend of highly effective beneficialPrint microorganism to speed up the natural processes already at work in the grease interceptor. Without the addition of hazardous materials such as caustics or surfactants it is these organisms contained in Bio-Flow that eliminate grease buildups, line blockage, excessive pumping and kitchen malodors. Bio-Flow is a superior product in the Auto-Chlor System made to take the worry out of grease interceptor maintenance, reduce cost and protect the environment.