For fabric presoaking or adding directly to the washer.

  • Powder enzyme presoak.
  • Formulated to gently remove tough protein soils from fabric and dishware.
  • Can be utilized in the wash wheel as a detergent booster.
  • Safe to use on all washable fabrics and with soft metals and fabrics.
  • Digests and removes tough blood and grass stains from sports uniforms.

Auto-Chlor Enzyme Booster is a powdered enzyme presoak formulated to digest and remove protein stains and protein soils from all types of fabric and dishware. Auto-Chlor Enzyme Booster is suitable for use as a laundry or dishware presoak or as a detergent booster in the wash wheel. Initially formulated to remove blood and grass stains, Auto-Chlor Enzyme Booster can be used to remove protein stains and films from all types of fabrics and dishware.