The power of foam at your fingertips!

Auto-Chlor has harnessed the colossal cleaning power of foam. It’s all in the easy-to-use Auto-Chlor Foamer.

  • Select your Auto-Chlor solution
  • Dilute as instructed
  • Fill to capacity line
  • Pump

Multi-surface cleaning is cut down to size. Combined with our quality products, grease and grime are no match for the clinging action of foam. Best of all, the Foamer saves time and trouble. Covering a wide area fast and working on contact, the aggressive bubbling action eliminates scrubbing. Armed with a solution for any need, it’s the best weapon for dirty surfaces.


The BrewKleen Total Hygiene Program furnishes a complete onsite solution for brewery cleaning and sanitation, providing both front and back of house cleaning products, procedures and services supporting the craft brew industry. Auto-Chlor System’s traditional front of the brew house products and services provide superior hygienic dishwashing, hard surface sanitization and floor care for brewery patrons. In the back of house, the brewing process is elevated with expressly formulated BrewKleen products and hygienic methods, reinforcing brew quality excellence and providing batch-to-batch repeatable equipment cleaning and sanitation for our brew masters.

To monitor effectiveness, an Auto-Chlor representative reviews performance during a scheduled visit every 28 days. Our quality products will also be delivered at this time to ensure that brew quality is maintained from batch to batch. Should you need us before then, we will be there with 24/7 emergency service.

Above all, we will work with you to ensure that trouble isn’t brewing in your system, just the highest quality beer possible. We’re ready when you are to help you find optimal cleaning solutions and to be there as you grow.

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BrewKleen Chlorinated Alkaline


  • Powerful triple-action brew soil eliminating formula produces clean brewery equipment with every cleaning.
  • First, its strong alkalinity eliminates leftover grain soil by saponifying fats and carbohydrates for quick removal.
  • Second, the oxidative power of chlorine breaks apart unwanted protein deposits for easy removal.
  • Third, BrewKleen Chlorinated Alkaline is equipped with beer stone and scale controlling actives that keep brewing surfaces clean and bright.
  • Concentrated formula gives maximal use-cost effectiveness.


This unique, non-abrasive formula is a triple threat for eliminating brewery soils by combining high alkalinity with the strong oxidizing action of chlorine and powerful hard water sequestrants to triumph over tough brewery soils. BrewKleen Chlorinated Alkaline will saponify grain soils to produce water-soluble soap as its chlorine breaks the molecular structure of protein soils into easily rinsable pieces. Additionally, its powerful chelating compounds remove beer stone and scale during repeated cleanings for complete brew equipment protection. For total brewery cleaning, select BrewKleen Chlorinated Alkaline.

BrewKleen Alkaline


  • BrewKleen Alkaline muscles away brewery soils with optimized alkalinity and maximum scale removing chelation to produce like-new surfaces during clean in place (CIP) use.
  • Optimized alkalinity eliminates leftover grain soil by saponifying fats and carbohydrates for quick removal.
  • Maximized mineral-controlling chelators help dissolve beer stone and hard water scale during CIP cleanings.
  • Balanced anti-soil re-deposition polymers prevent loosened soils from clinging to cleaned surfaces during alkaline CIP.
  • Formula is ideal for all brewing conditions – regardless of brew recipe, removes all types of deposited soils during CIP.
  • Concentrated formula gives maximal use-cost effectiveness.


This optimized formula employs concentrated alkalinity, maximized chelating ingredients and anti-soil deposition polymers to respectively saponify grain soils, eliminate brew stones, prevent hard water scale buildup and suspend soils in the cleaning solution for easy removal during CIP application. BrewKleen Alkaline has excellent cleaning and rinsing properties leaving no residue after rinsing. It is the optimal choice for your brewery system’s alkaline CIP needs.

BrewKleen Acidic Brew


  • Effectively dissolves scale deposits, caused by the precipitation of water hardness minerals
  • Cleans in place (CIP) to eliminate brew kettle stones with powerful calcium oxalate dissolving chemistry
  • Minimizes future scale formation on equipment by eliminating crystal-forming residue on metallic surfaces, as well as providing
    maximum cleaning
  • Emulsifies and neutralizes all residuals from alkaline CIP cleaning for completely clean surfaces
  • Works to safely remove scale from a variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass, ceramic, tile and concrete
  • Functions diluted as an excellent acidic all-purpose cleaning product for removing buildup of oxides, scale, or tarnish from brewery
  • Concentrated formula that provides maximal use-cost effectiveness


Auto-Chlor System BrewKleen Acidic Brew is a concentrated, highly acidic detergent effective at removing scale deposits caused by the precipitation of water hardness minerals during the brewing process. During CIP BrewKleen Acidic Brew effectively dissolves beer stone deposits as well has hard water scale. This formulation minimizes future scale formation that occurs during the brewing process by eliminating brew kettle surface contamination. When safely used, BrewKleen Acidic Brew is an excellent general purpose cleanser for use on a variety of surfaces such as non-porous metal, glass, ceramic, tile and concrete. Dilute for acidic cleaning, descaling and detarnishing of brewery equipment.




  • A premium rinse additive for low-temp dishwashing operations.
  • Meets Environmental Protection Agency Safer Product StandardsSAFER-DFE-LOGO-2

– Safer for workers and the environment

– Safer for people and the planet

– Safer for your workplace and community

  • Contains highly active dispersants and surfactants to boost detergent cleaning power.
  • Reduces surface tension to ensure smooth sheeting—preventing water spots and streaking.
  • Specially formulated to dramatically accelerate drying time.
  • Achieves optimum results when used as part of the complete Auto-Chlor System of equipment, products and service.



• Exact Buffer Technology provides dynamic scale removal, keeping pH stable for constant hard water mineral elimination.
• Exact Buffering Technology also keeps pH above corrosive level for skin during use, but provides enough acid power
to remove tough lime scale and soap scum.
• Scale Away is now safer for the environment and is an EPA Safer Choice certified product.
• Non-abrasive acidic composition removes scale buildup without damaging surfaces.
• Scale Away is soft metal safe and can be used to remove scale and tarnish from metals such as aluminum, copper and pewter.
• Advanced blend of chelating acids and soil lifting surface actives provide unsurpassed scale removal performance on all hard surfaces.



  • Ideal cleaner for tile, chrome, bath tubs, vanities, and toilets.
  • Acidic formulation effectively cuts soap films, body oils and hardwater deposits.
  • When used with the Pump Foamer Chemical Applicator delivers a thick foam which maximizes contact time and reduces cleaning labor.
  • Non-abrasive formula will not damage surfaces.
  • Contains a custom blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants for maximum performance.
  • Concentrated formula for optimum use-cost effectiveness.



  • EPA registered Oxymize® dilutes to become either a disinfectant or sanitizer dependant on microbial control needs.
  • Oxymize® is food contact safe for any surface disinfection or sanitization need and meets United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Plan (USDA NOP) requirements.
  • Oxymize® gives hard surface bacterial control in kitchens & dining, bathrooms, or in dish machines replacing chlorine with a
    food safe sanitizer without flavor altering or foam depleting residue.
  •  Oxymize® is a functional produce wash for safe & powerful control of pathogenic microbes residing on raw foods such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Oxymize® leverages the power of oxygen bleach to brighten and clean dingy surfaces without harmful or streaking residue.
  • Oxymize® performs color safe disinfection and powerful stain removal as oxygen bleach for all laundry applications including Hotel OPL, correctional and multi-occupant nursing facilities.